Novelties, special offers and attractions at the stands

The 9th edition of TransLogistica Poland exhibition is an excellent opportunity to present new products, new services and celebrate the company’s jubilee. In a few days, visitors will be able to visit the stands of less than 300 exhibitors and take advantage of dedicated promotions, take part in organized competitions and special events!

Telepass stand number B11, Hall 1

Telepass is launching a new product ! But it not just that : what they are launching is actually a whole new ecosystem of services in order to create a new mobility experience for their partners and clients. They are looking forward to presenting you the news regarding the offer and answering all of your question. The presentation will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 11.30 :Hall 1 – Stand B11 with EmilioSpeciale Truck Business Unit Manager and the Truck Team

Emapa stand number B15, Hall 1
EMAPA competition: on Tuesday, November 8, after Emapa’s speech on “How to reduce distribution costs by 30% thanks to route optimization?” (15:35 at Forum Discussion Hall 3) final of the competition held at the Emapa stand. Special award – DRON!

e-containters stand number J7, Hall 3

The lottery is addressed to forwarders and shippers, the prize drawing will take place in 2 rounds:

– Monday 07/11. time. 14:00 | stand J7

– Tuesday 08.11. time. 13:30 | stand J7

There will be useful electronic devices to win.

Special offer: customers who want to platform, will receive a 10% discount on the subscription for the first 3 months.

Bring stand number C19, Hall 1 and stand  T10, Hall 4

Visit the BRING stand to see how they electrify the first and last miles in intermodal transport. See also the pre-production Volvo fully electric tractor unit!

Jumper Foundation stand number T28, Hall 4

The first and only truck rollover simulator in Poland, based on a fully equipped Renault Magnum cabin. The body can be rotated full 360 degrees and stopped at any time. Thanks to the high cabin and the distance from the ceiling at the moment of free hanging, the simulation experience evokes unforgettable emotions.

Timocom stand number B2, Hall 1
Talk to logistics experts, roll the dice and fight for the prize!

Toll4Europe stand number D20, Hall 1

Access to the Virtual Reality Experience platform, where the user goes on a virtual truck journey through Europe. Users can virtually engage as truck drivers, getting to know the Toll4Europe On-Board Unit (Toll Box) and other services of the company.

Port Gdynia stand number J9, Hall 3

The 100th jubilee of Port of Gdynia

OnTurtle stand number B10, Hall 1

On Tuesday, November 8th, OnTurtle will organize a mini-banquet prepared especially for the 20th jubilee of operations in Poland! The stand will also feature a truck driving simulator and drivers’ reaction time tests. Attractive prizes will be waiting for the best in these competitions!

Zeppelin Polska stand number T28, Hall 4

The logistics vehicle KAMAG PT will be presented as part of the new TRUCK & TRAILER Salon. KAMAG PT has been specially designed for precise and quick movement of all popular semi-trailers and container chassis. The terminal tractor sets new standards when it comes to performance, safety and ergonomics. Thanks to its unique driving characteristics, the KAMAG PT reduces maneuver times and increases productivity in the yard and in the terminal.

Forto stand number F2, Hall 3
For visitors will be waiting Quiz with attractive prizes!

Transporeon stand number H13, Hall 3

Visit Transporeon at stand number H13where you’ll have the chance to discover what’s inside The Transporeon Safe! Find your unique code on the door hanger — handed out by the Transporeon team — and win an exciting prize!

…and many more!