Reservation of the exhibition space it the first step to your success at TransLogistica Poland. 
Haven’t you booked a stand yet? Inquire now!

If you have already secured an attractive location for your company and you are wondering how to arrange the space or upgrade the standard of your stand, you have a couple of options to choose from:


Construction recommended in case of small stands, e.g.: 9-12sqm. The equipment includes:

Back and side walls, top panel with the company name on each open side of the stand, gray carpet, 1 table and 2 chairs (for every 6sqm of the stand area), 1 coat hanger, 1 waste bin, 1 double 230V socket, stand lighting, daily carpet vacuuming, garbage collection.

Optionally: lockable backroom, additional furniture (e.g.: sofa, armchairs, information counter, TV), advertising suspension above the stand, wall printouts and stand decoration.


Ready-made, convenient, modular stands (including full equipment and personalized graphics printed on the walls of the stand), that will take your company’s exposition to the next level.

The PREMIUM stand is very functional and looks like a custom-built structure, but it is much cheaper and it does not take hours to design. Depending on the size of the exhibition space, you simply choose one of the available modules, send us your favorite graphic design and that is it. We deal with the stand construction, maintenance and disassembly of the structure.

We can offer PREMIUM stands in variants from 20 to 60 sqm.


If you wish to emphasize the unique nature your exposition, we can recommend one of our trusted stand constructors who will design and build an individual structure for your company.

INDIVIDUAL stand construction is a “tailor-made” solution that meets exhibitor’s needs and budget. The stand construction may include, for example, a non-standard size of the exhibition space, high, several-meter or even two-storey structures, a floor on the platform, large-format multimedia screens, etc.

HANGING construction

Both PREMIUM and INDIVIDUAL structures can be additionally equipped with a custom-built advertising suspension above the stand, thanks to which your company will be visible from various, even distant parts of the exhibition hall.

Depending on exhibitor’s needs they can be, for example, a hanging banner, a rigid frame structure with lighting, a rotating element or even a system of multimedia / LED screens / TV sets, etc.

Convenient location, eye-catching stand but what’s next?

Your preparations for TransLogistica Poland should not end with the choice of the stand type. In order to maximize the benefits and get the most out of the exhibition, it is worth taking care of proper visibility. How to stand out from the competition and be noticed by potential customers?

Printed advertisement in the exhibition catalog, distribution of gadgets, an online banner on website or maybe a vehicle / semi-trailer display inside the hall or in front of the entrance?

We have prepared a number of Additional Forms of Promotion for you.

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