NIC-place offers solutions for the European transport and logistics industry. We connect the fragmented transport industry and offer both Carriers and Shippers a secure way of delivering full visibility of the Supply Chain while protecting the integrity of Carriers data.

What’s in it for your business?

  • Visualization, monitoring and analysis of your telematics data and tours
  • Fully digital and Carrier controlled data exchange with partners, only during transport and 100% GDPR compliant
    • Remain in control when your customers ask you to share data
    • Get easy and secure access to your subcontractor’s data

What’s special about NIC-place?

  • NIC-place works independently of whether the assets being used are your own or subcontracted
  • NIC-place provides easy access to transport information without the hassles and manual effort


  • The new Tourboard combines planning data with asset data in an intelligent manner
  • First, create tours manually or automatically via connection to your TMS/ERP
  • Defined tours create the basis for all further functionalities, such as
    • Precise tracking of assets in real time
    • High quality monitoring of transports especially for temperatures and security
    • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) calculations
    • Automated tour reporting to defined recipients
  • Share easily data with your customers or obtain data from your subcontractor assets

NIC-place briefly summarized

  • Collects, bundles and standardizes telematics data
  • Combines the telematics data with planning data
  • Provides Data Visibility for all participants showing all relevant information
  • Supports your transport monitoring – If necessary, with a deep integration of temperature data
  • Interacts with your 3rd party systems to simplify and automate your companies’ processes

You benefit from a unified telematics data stream and an optimized flow of information and data analytics.

Be innovative, be smart

Use NIC-place

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