Innovation – Supply Chain  Visibility platform: access to predictive and real-time information of deliveries

 Shippeo’s SaaS platform gives shippers, carriers, and their customers instant access to predictive and real-time information of all their deliveries (road, parcel and sea).

Shippeo provides access to real-time data by connecting to and collecting information from all available data sources, such as smartphones, truck telematics and IoT. This information is then made available in the Shippeo platform and can be pushed to third party softwares such as a TMS, WMS, or ERP.

Shippeo’s platform is powered by a proprietary, machine learning ETA algorithm that accurately calculates arrival times allowing shippers to quickly anticipate problems, proactively alert their customers, and efficiently manage exceptions along the way. Since all times are precisely recorded by GPS and geofencing, delivery performance (‘On time in full’ – OTIF) can be reliably measured.

Shippeo helps over 50 market-leading companies such as Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Saint-Gobain, FM Logistics, AsstrA and Faurecia, leverage transportation to deliver best in class customer service and achieve operational excellence.

With its 200+ strong partners network, the largest in Europe, Shippeo tracks over 3 million loads per year throughout Europe and connects to 68,000+ carriers in more than 20 countries. Shippeo’s connections to more than 200 systems includes TMS, Telematics/ELDs, AIS, and Parcel APIs

Recent developments:

  • Proprietary, machine learning ETA algorithm:
    Dedicated, in-house data scientists continuously improve the accuracy of our ETA algorithm. Many variables are taken into consideration, including but not limited to historical times, speed and driver regulations, road closures, loading/delivery time, and weather.
  • Shippeo Insights: Shippeo gives shippers and carriers clear insights into their transportation operations, helping them make better, data-driven decisions.
    Shippeo aggregates precise delivery information so companies can reliably measure delivery performance, do unequivocal root-cause analysis, and uncover areas of improvement. Advanced reports and dashboards are now available.
  • Shippeo Customer Visibility: Shippeo’s “Customer Visibility” portal lets shippers give their end-customers access to a branded portal, where they can monitor all of their incoming deliveries in real-time, and see when each is scheduled to arrive.
    Having instant access to this information enables to easily identify delayed deliveries, helping to plan accordingly and to streamline in-site operations, such as the unloading of goods. In addition, having a holistic view (shippers, carriers, and points-of sale or warehouses) of all information makes it possible for all stakeholders to reliably coordinate their transportation plans, on-time delivery, and store unloading times with total transparency.
  • Multimodal tracking: Shippeo now supports ocean, parcel, FTL, and LTL real-time tracking, giving shippers the ability to have end-to-end visibility of all their goods.
    With Shippeo Ocean tracking, companies are able to track merchandise coming from overseas. Using both terrestrial and satellite AIS tracking, Shippeo provides the real-time location of all merchandise travelling through waterways, coastlines, or across oceans. At the same time, Shippeo is working on being the first solution in Europe to integrate ports and terminal monitoring. This way, companies can plan ahead and have their road transportation operations perfectly planned so they arrive shortly after the merchandise is ready to leave the port.
    With Shippeo Parcel tracking, companies are able to gain visibility into their last-mile deliveries, allowing them to proactively communicate with their end-customers and therefore increase customer satisfaction. Shippeo provides users with multiple automated alerts, such as indicating when a parcel is picked up, its real-time status,  and when it has been delivered.

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