Sygic Enterprise is a specialized division of Sygic Company, the developer of the most advanced navigation app, trusted by 200+ million drivers worldwide.

We focus on developing enterprise ready Maps & GPS Navigation with SDKs for integration into fleet management, tracking, route planning and optimization solutions.

We leverage 15 years of experience in development of mapping and navigation apps when designing and marketing high quality solutions to support innovations in Insurance industry.

The new technologies used in today’s smartphones and experience in telematics give Sygic access to a new dimension of tracking and evaluating driver’s behaviour allowing us to educate drivers.

As a publisher of the most downloaded offline GPS navigation app, we use design thinking methods, principles of game design and behavioral science to drive attraction, engagement, conversions and loyalty.

Sygic Professional Navigation with SDK, Sygic Maps API Services and other location-based services are trusted by more than 2000 fleets and 1,000,000 professional drivers in fields of transportation, logistics, parcel delivery, field work, automotive, utilities, emergency and communal services.

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