Autonomous transport system based on cargo drones

The Airvein is a congeneric solution for transport of small-sized loads in the U-Space (Urban Space, civic airspace). It consists of ground-based infrastructure: automatic hangars with navigation support, dedicated software and the fleet of autonomous cargo drones.

Urban transport of the future

From the moment of posting a package, through the flight phase up to the collection of the delivery, the load is transported in stable conditions and constantly monitored. Thanks to these solutions we guarantee the safety of delivery.

Our standard conditions of transport were devised basing on the strict requirements concerning blood transport: atmospheric conditions isolation, keeping the proper temperature and dulling the vibrations of an aircraft are our basic quality parameters. It allows for using the Airvein system for transport of the most demanding deliveries.

The Airvein has many application possibilities. It enables deliveries to the named place immediately.  Due to this, it has an enormous potential of using it in life-saving interventions that demand rapid action in the backcountry. Moreover, it can be used as a system of advanced proactive area or railway infrastructure monitoring.

How it’s working?

The components that nurtures the running of the system are the three main modules of advanced software:

  • Drone Based Delivery System is responsible for managing the transport of deliveries, coordinating routes of the fleet of drones, monitoring flight parameters, communication and analysing data from meteorological modules. It also supports navigation and current bilateral communication with the external systems ex. responsible for managing the airspace.
  • Drone & Infrastructure Maintenance System allows for monitoring the level of wear of elements of the technical infrastructure and reminds of the necessity of maintenance measures. It also inventories the service doings and their costs.
  • U-Space Management System is an invaluable solution for the municipality: it gives the possibility to inventory and to grant permissions for using the U-Space. It allows for inventorying the urban airspace in the form of 3D maps, paving the ways of flight for drones and forbidden areas.

Another innovative feature of the Airvein system is the hardware: ground-based infrastructure in the form of hangars (drone nests) serving the drone fleet automatically. It acts as a protection, service and gives the possibility to change and charge the battery. Thanks to it drones are constantly ready for flights and are able to wait for a mission for a long time. It allows minimalizing the involvement of people in the transport process. This solution increases performance and decreases delivery time significantly.

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