TRONIK – a company with Polish capital, present on the market for over 12 years. Winner of many awards and distinctions as recognition of the customers and experts. The creator and producer of the cutting-edge vehicle monitoring system providing customers with real savings and comprehensive control over the vehicle fleet. The fact that we have created and continue to develop our system enables modifications to meet the individual needs of our customers and, above all, to guarantee its top quality. Our customers are offered the installation and service of the equipment throughout Poland, we provide professional and individual sales support, and our technical department is always available for professional assistance.

The innovative ATRAX 4 system that we offer enables comprehensive performance monitoring of the operating vehicles as well as working time and settlement of drivers trips . The data collected (including historical data) is available in various forms, lists and reports, generated instantly after determining the search parameters. The system also allows full control of transport orders by remote route mapping and the ability to freely create orders which are sent directly to the KT 4 messenger installed on the driver’s smartphone/tablet. All that, and many other functionalities we offer, is available after logging into the web application from a web browser regardless of the user’s location. All you need is the internet access. Moreover, multilingual system and application is also available for non-Polish speaking users.

For customers who want to have constant control over the fleet and do not always have the opportunity to start the computer, we offer a mobile version of the ATRAX4 system, the Atrax4Mobile application, available for Android and iOS smartphones. The application allows live monitoring of the vehicle fleet , constant monitoring of drivers’ working time, access to reports and analyses, also from routes already completed. It also provides text communication of the forwarder outside the office with drivers equipped with KT4. The entire communication using the phone and computer is available in the ATRAX 4 system.

The KT4 messenger designed for Android phones and tablets will ensure constant and reliable text communication between the driver and the forwarder regardless of the location. The messenger also allows you to send photos and documents as attachments.

The KT4 application allows you to locate the vehicle on a map in the ATRAX 4 system. All you need to do is equip the vehicle/driver with a tablet or phone. This is how we can quickly and easily provide vehicle location to customers without GPS installation in the vehicle.

KT4 messenger supports professional handling of transport orders sent by the forwarder and constant monitoring of their completion. And thanks to the corridoring function and built-in Sygic Professional Navigation, the trip will be completed quickly and smoothly, straight to the destination. In addition to that, Sygic maps take into account tonnage restrictions and bans when calculating routes for heavy goods vehicles, deliver details on the traffic and congestion, indicate the POIs sought and, most importantly, navigate even without the internet connection.

The electronic vehicle log available in the KT4 application will eliminate the storage of traditional paper records, while maintaining all necessary information about the transit.

And this is only a part of the functionalities our system offers…

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